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Padam or pada   Is a poetic composition with verses of lyrics.  
Pallavi   In Carnatic music it referts to the basic first movement. In the Hindustani system, it is called sthayi.  
Panchama or Pa   Refers to the fifth note of the scale. It is a constant note and does not have a sharp or flat variations.  
Pluta   Refers to one of the seven parts of the tala and has a total of 12 counts or aksharas.  
Poorvanga   It is the lower tetrachord of the scale, the first four notes, Sa, Ri Ga and Ma
Prayoga   Refers to the technique of expression in raga, a characteristic progression, a manner of negotiation on the scale.  
Pundarik Vittal   One of the great musicologists of South India, who lived in the 16th century. He wrote several treatises like Ragamala, Raga manjari and Nritya nirnaya.


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