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Eduppu   A Tamil word, which means the point at which the music begins on Tala cycle. In the Sama Eduppu, the music begins with the Tala. Atita Eduppu is when the music begins after the Tala and the Anagata Eduppu is when the Tala begins before the music.  
Eka Tala   The seventh of the basic seven Talas consisting of only one Laghu. The symbol is 1.  
Equal Temperament   A system of tuning adopted for keyboard instruments like the Piano. The octave is divided into twelve equal semitones. The Indian scale is based on what is called the just intonation, based on the natural untempered scale.  
Ettayapuram   An important place for music in South India. Composers like Muthuswami Dikshitar, Baluswami Dikshitar and Subbarama Dikshitar are associated with this place. The Sangeeta Sampradaya Pradarshini was published by the Ettayapuram Samasthanam in 1904. Ettayapuram is also the birthplace of the Tamil poet, Subrahmanya Bharati.  
Ettukada Pallavi   Another name for the Charanam in a Varnam.


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