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Musical Background: He was the disciple of Manambuchavadi Venkatasubbayyar, who in turn, was the disciple of Tyagaraja.

Region: He belonged to Tanjavur district, Tamilnadu.

Contribution: His compositions, which total around 100, include a variety of musical forms such as the kritis, tana varnams, pada sarnams, javalis and tillanas. Many of them are extremely popular.

Theme: Mostly devotional, while some Javalis also had erotic lyrics.

Languages used: Most of his compositions are in Telugu, but he has composed in Tamil and Sanskrit also.

Signature: He used the mudra Venkatesa or slight variations of the same, depending on the context.

Popular Compositions: Varnams like Evaribodhana (Abhogi), kritis such as Raghuvamsa (Kadanakutoohalam), Marivere (Shanmukhapriya), and Javalis like Samayamide (Behag) etc.


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