Galaxy of Composers
MUTHUTANDAVAR (14th century)

Musical Background:
He had no musical lineage but it is believed that he was blessed with the Divine vision. It is also said that he derived inspiration by listening to Sivanama kirtanas sung by a woman.

Region: He originally lived in Seergazhi but moved to Chidambaram, both in Tamilnadu.

Musical Contribution: He has composed about 60 songs and 25 Padams. He was also popularly referred to as one of the Tamil Moovar (Tamil Trinity).

Theme: Devotion to Lord Siva, with special reference to the deity in Chidambaram.

Language used: Tamil

Popular Compositions: Teruvil Varano (Khamas), a Padam, Sevikka Vendum Ayya (Andolika), Ambara Chidambaram (Surati) etc.


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