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JAYADEVA (12th century)

Musical Background: Jayadeva, the author of Gita Govinda, is an illustrious Sanskrit composer. He became an erudite scholar early in his life.

Region: He was born at Kindubilva (also called Kenduli) in Orissa. The village Kenduli is on the northern banks of the river Ajaya, in the delta of Veerabhoomi. He refers to his birthplace in the 7th Ashtapadi: "Kindubilva Samudra Sambhava". He was an Oriya Brahmin, born to Bhojadeva and Ramadevi.

Contribution: Gita Govinda, a widely known, highly popular opera of Jayadeva is the staple of devotional singers. They constitute the Songs Celestial called Ashtapadi as each has eight steps. The 24 songs have been translated into many languages of the world. All the hymns contain mangala slokas at the end. The place where Jayadeva began and completed the hymns has since been called Jayadevapura.

Theme: Devotion through Sringara Rasa (romanticism).

Language used: Sanskrit and Oriya

Signature: He used his own name as mudra.

Popular compositions: Rase harimiha


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