A tribute on the occasion of her 10th death anniversary.

Born to the Carnatic musicians, Ayyasami Ayyar and Lalitangi, Smt. Vasantakumari had her training in music under her parents and later came under the tutelage of Sangeeta Kalanidhi G N Balasubramanyam. She has also had special training under Sangeeta Kalanidhi Mudicondan Venkatrama Iyer on the intricacies of music and Pallavi singing. She accompanied her mother at the age of 12 and had her debut at Bangalore at the age of 13. She stopped her education at Cambridge Senior due to heavy demands from the music field.

M L Vasantakumari was an imaginative and versatile artiste who brought out the beauty, finesse and intricacies of Raga, Tana and Pallavi effortlessly. She had an impressive repertoire of songs that she rendered with a rich and melodious voice. Her raga alapanas were unique and each time the ragas elaborated were fresh and scintillating. She could handle light ragas with as much ease as ghana ragas.

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“In her hands, abstruse ragas acquire a surprising clarity and depth; the bare bones are flushed into perfect shape in a series of kaleidoscope phrases. Here is a mind that rejoices in a difficult scale. Her great lies in perceiving change within the accepted parameters. Her art is inevitably modern, presented in terms that are strictly classical and artistic," exclaimed a rasika!

The classic and devotional songs that she has rendered in gramophone records and cassettes are still etched in the minds of music lovers and still sell like hot cakes! MLV, the phenomenal musician will remain evergreen in the memories of musicians and rasikas alike.

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