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Culture forms an integral part of the Indian heritage. Fine arts, with special reference to music and dance, are infused into young minds at a very tender age. The talents of children in performing arts have been encouraged time and again. But what about their ability to assimilate fine arts and express their views? Carnatica gives you a few samples from the budding young critics of Padma Seshadri Bala Bhavan on the occasion of Children's Day, the 14th November 2000, which is the birthday of Jawaharlal Nehru.

The Language of Dance

Mrs. Ambika presented a highly educative and interactive session on the Language of Dance in the Bharat Kalachar Auditorium on 10/4/2000. The highly erudite artiste is not only committed to her chosen vocation, but is also dedicated to the cause of Education for special children, through the medium of dance. The dance form, as outlined by Mrs Ambika, ranges from its origin in nature and human emotions, to the structure of jatis and stylised communication through abhinaya. The highly dynamic session proved to be one of its kind, in that, it evoked an overwhelming response from the students and contributed enormously to their fund of knowledge about Bharatanatyam and Kuchipudi.

C Shruthi, Std. VII-C

Poetry in Rhythm was epitomised by the scintillating Bharatanatyam dance performance of Mrs. Kalyani Kalyanasundaram (PSBB, T P Road, Dance teacher) on 19/9/2000. The danseuse set the tone of perfection with her precise footwork, excellent abhinaya and adherence to the traditional demands of this dance form. Every aspect of the performance was meticulous in its presentation, be it the choreography, the costumes of the dancer or the lighting. The Talatu in Raga Neelambari and Khanda Chapu tala Chapu was the piece de resistance.

K S Anish Shankar, Std. VIII-D

A Concert with a difference!

T S Nivedita whistled her way through her performance, earning rare reviews and accolades. The artiste impressed with her sheer skill. She swept over the various swaras and ragas with marvellous ease.

Anirudh Guha, Std. VIII-B

The vocal concert of R Abhirama Sundari on 20/9/2000 was quite inspiring. It created a mood of tranquil serenity and expressed the spirituality that was infused in the music. Quite a memorable performance. Due credit can be given to the violinist T Hemamalini and mridangist J Ganesh.

Naveen L P, Std. VII-B

We at Carnatica, wish on this special day, that many children be encouraged and inspired by parents to blossom into fine artistes and critics!


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