Athidhi devo bhava!
[A guest is the embodiment of divinity!]

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Shraddhaam maydhaam yasha prajnaam
Vidyaam buddhim shriyam balam
Aayushyam theja aarogyam
Dehi may havya vaahana!

[O! Acceptor and carrier of my oblations, grant me the powers of concentration and command, give me knowledge, wisdom, fame, prosperity, strength and longevity!]

-- Sanskrit prayer of the brahmachaari

A quiet, contented soul at the best of times, I grew up in the wonderful city of Trivandrum in Kerala, India, where my life was shaped by a close-knit family and some great teachers, especially at Loyola School. Life then meandered through a few eventful years at the College of Engineering, Trivandrum and a whirlwind year in Bombay, India's busiest metropolis. Then, some quirk of fate made me a graduate student at Syracuse University, Syracuse, NY, USA, where I earned a Master's degree in Electrical Engineering and had a lot of fun with a bunch of incredible friends. Apart from varied interests such as literature, carnatic music, politics and economics, I did strange stuff like Fiber Optics, Optical Communication Networks and Satellite Communications!! I worked in the Electro-Optics Laboratory at Syracuse University, trying unsuccessfully to con my advisors Dr. Philipp Kornreich and Dr. Don Nicholson, two of the sharpest minds in the field of Electro-Optics! After they kicked me out, I found refuge in the Wireless Networks Group at Lucent Technologies in Naperville, IL, a suburb of big, bad Chicago. Life since then has been a mix of frequent flier miles, radio frequency engineering and solitary musings on the state of the universe!

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