World Music Day - June 21st, 2004

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June 21st is observed as the World Music Day. Each and every street in Europe would be reverberating with the music of the world during this week of June. Music is a powerful vehicle of peace and harmony in these times of unrest, violence and turmoil. It may also be of interest to note that the International Peace Prayer Day falls on the 19th of June. 

Carnatica has been commemorating this Day in India since 2001. The idea of spending a whole day dedicated to different systems of music has been brought about for the first time in India by Carnatica. We aim at improving the public awareness of various musical genres and in the process put Indian classical music on the world map while enhancing the appreciation of the same.

We would like to involve musicians of all ages, children to senior-citizens and perform for people of all walks of life. We wish to encourage:

  • promotion of art among all sections of the society.
  • peace and friendship between people, of the evolution of their cultures, of the exchange of experience and of the mutual appreciation of their aesthetic values
  • involve music organizations around the world to join together and promote this noble venture.

Music Events:

  • invite leading composers, interpreters and musicologists to give lectures, and to speak of the importance of music, of its place in modern life
  • organize meetings of artists, competitions and musical quizzes
  • organize exhibitions of musical instruments, records, posters, paintings, sculptures, caricatures, or photographs on musical themes
  • invite delegations of musicians of other national committees to participate in this World Music Day

This year we will begin the day with ‘OM’ chanting at 5.30 AM on the Marina and Elliots beaches. This will be followed by day-long congregational singing at various venues such as temples, Vishranthi (Old Age home), Spastic Society of Tamil Nadu, Corporate offices, prison and schools. The day will culminate with a grand musical extravaganza at the Narada Gana Sabha auditorium comprising presentations from various musical genres by leading professionals and performances by talented amateurs. These will be interspersed with spot quizzes on world music and surprise gifts for winners.

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