Solutions to the Kharaharapriya 


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Here are the answers to Arunkumar's Kharaharapriya Mind-Benders quiz. There were several all-correct responses, so the prizes go to the first three respondents. They are: 

Vinod Menon 

Gowri Srinivasan

Vish Subramanian

Winners will also be notified by individual e-mail. Thanks to everyone who participated. 

1 Quite surprising that this raga came out of an East Bihar riot. Although they say it has been mutilated(6) AbhEri: This can be obtained by descrambling (as hinted by the word riot) E (for East) and Bihar. It is opined by several scholars that this raga in its original form has shuddha-dhaivatam and hence must be under naTabhairavi, and the dhaivatam has morphed over time to chatusruti-dhaivatam (and thus AbhEri is popularly listed under kharaharapriya mEla). The Although they say it has been mutilated part hints at this change.
2 Meditate on Triloka Paripalini - you will find the beginning of this classic in her (7) okapari (kokapari): This is the starting word of the composition (beginning of this classic) "okapari kokapari" of Annamacharya. The answer is right in the clue itself as Triloka paripalini. This is hinted by you will find ... in her.
3 What oil rig concealed was a beautiful treasure, one in which Thyagaraja wove magic with many krithis (10) rIthigowLa: This can be obtained by descrambling What oil rig as hinted by concealed. Of course, Thyagaraja has given us many beautiful compositions in this raga.
4 Manu swallowed broken grain before elaborating on this raga? (8) maNirangu: This is obtained by descrambling (broken) the word grain and inserting inside the word Manu (as hinted by Manu swallowed).
5 CIA hand somehow was involved twice to make sure this song was performed properly! (7-7) naDachi naDachi: The word naDachi can be obtained by descrambling CIA hand and appears twice. This is hinted by somehow was involved twice.
6. This raga has a strange relationship with its parent. If the parent loses its father, then it becomes the child! (10) srIranjani: The parent-child relationship hinted here is between a mELakarta raga and a janya. Since this is a kharaharapriya quiz, the mELakarta hinted is kharaharapriya. The janya srIranjani has all the swaras of kharaharapriya except the panchamam, i.e. the "pa". A colloquial term for father in English is "Pa". So if kharaharapriya (the parent) omits (loses) the panchamam (its father), you get srIranjani (it becomes the child).
7 Make Kharaharapriya's center as the beginning to get this (12) harikAmbhOji: The clue hints at grahabhEdam on the madhyama of kharaharapriya which involves shifting the shadjam (the beginning) to the madhyamam (the center). The raga that results is harikAmbhOji.
8 The travel advisory from this classic is clear: Take the highway, avoid the backroads! (8-4) chakkani rAja: The clue hints at the meaning conveyed by the pallavi of the song in which Thyagaraja asks that when the spacious royal path (highway) to salvation is available, why should the mind take by-lanes (backroads)?
9 Kharaharapriya with a "pure" rishabham results in this raga (11) nATakapriya: The swaras of this raga differ from kharaharapriya in only the rishabham. While kharaharapriya uses chatusruti-rishabham, nATakapriya uses shudhdha-rishabham ("pure" rishabham). Of course this doesn't mean that only shudhdha-rishabham is pure and others are somehow impure, and that is why the clue included the word pure in double-quotes.
10 Send an informal greeting over land with a van - should be a classic (7-7) sendhil AnDavan: This is a Papanasam Sivan composition. The words can be constructed by piecing together Send, hi (informal greeting), land and a van.

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