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Savita has also been featured in concerts with Alarmel Valli, the noted danseuse, at many prestigious venues such as Theatre De La Ville, Paris (May 1997), The Music Academy, Chennai (August 1997), Vienna International Festival, Austria (August 1998) and the Festival of Normandy, France (October 1998). She has also had the distinction of performing for Prince Charles at the Royal Albert Hall, London (July 1997), for the Queen and King of Norway in the Bergen International Festival (May 1997) and for Prince Charles at the Albert Hall, London (July 1997) with Valli.

Savita is a member of Chitravina Ravikiran's ensemble "Vintage Virtuosos", that aims at perfecting and projecting masterpieces of the great composers of Carnatic Music. She also participated in the Indo - Canadian music - dance production "Cosmos" directed by Chitravina Ravikiran and Timothy Sullivan, a composer from Toronto.

Savita was among the artistes selected to sing for the first VCD on Carnatic Music education "Nadopasana" released by carnatica.com.

A recipient of the scholarship for Carnatic Classical Music instituted by the Department of Culture, Savita is also a graded artiste of radio and television. She is on the teaching faculty at the School of Fine Arts established by Hamsadhwani, Chennai, in 1999.

Savita holds a Bachelor's Degree in Psychology from the University of Delhi and Master's in English Literature from the Annamalai University.