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Bright and versatile, Deepika has been under the tutelage of Smt. Padmini Ramachandran from the tender age of 5. An eager student and quick learner, during the last 9 years her enthusiasm and love for Bharatanatyam has seen her perform in many solo and group dances, all of which have been extremely appreciated. She has performed as "Ganapathy" for her institution's dance drama for Bangalore Doordarshan on the occasion of Vinayaka Chaturthi.
Deepika is talented in both music and academics. In 1989-90, she won the Rolling Shield in her school for singing. 

Smt. Padmini Ramachandran's versatility and zeal for perfection has been a great source of inspiration to Deepika. She owes her success to her guru, grandparents, parents, friends and all her well wishers.