Guru Vandanam


A section that offers salutations to Gurus by their disciples.


The role of a Guru (teacher when loosely translated) is a very important one in the lives of artistes. They are not only the proverbial friends, philosophers and guides, but also the parents, worthy of worship. Even the Hindu scriptures accord the Guru an exalted status, considering them the equivalent of God. This is encapsulated in the Sanskrit sloka,

Gurur Brahma Gurur Vishnur Gurur Devo Maheswaraha
Gurus Sakshat Parabrahma Tasmai Srigurave Namaha

Many a song has been composed in praise of the Guru. What better way to offer our Vandanam (salutations) than with the beautiful composition of Tyagaraja, a salutation to all Gurus?

Raga: Gowrimanohari

Tala: Khanda Chapu



Guruleka etuvanti guniki teliyaga bOdu


Karukaina hridrOga gaganamuna gotta sad (Guruleka)


Tanuvusuta dhana dAra dAyadi bAndhavulu
jani inchi chedarujAlini karunatO
manasunantaka jeyu mandanuchu tattva-
bOdhanajesi kApadu TyagarAjAptudagu (Guruleka)



Without a guru, no matter how virtuous a person may be, it is impossible to know ..


How to cut through the wilderness, thick with harsh heartsickness (Without..)


Body, sons, wealth, wives, first cousins and other kin, having come into existence scatter grief; the protector giving guidance full of divine wisdom is the medicine mercifully keeping the mind from becoming too attached (without that guru who is the well wisher of Tyagaraja)


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